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Small spaces made for big living.

Let’s get creative. Our custom modular homes work as a stylish and cost-efficient home or cabin and our expert team can build your dream space. Nothing is left to chance, as great care is taken from the design process right up until delivery.

Alpine Lodge

Just enough space -- at 640 sq. ft., this can be a one or two bedroom model. You tell us!

Alpine Studio

Our flagship modular home at 350 sq. ft. Very popular among lake lot owners, off-grid living, recreational use, or year-round dwelling.

Container Lodge

Container Lodge layout provides the perfect amount of space with a building footprint of 16’ x 40’ ft with 2 additional extrusions - 680 Sq Ft in total. This model is built out of 2 shipping containers!

Sunset Studio

The perfect blend between old world craftsmanship and modern day modular construction at 441 sq. ft. The Sunset Studio can be a modular home or built from shipping containers.

Sunset Lodge

Our absolute best seller. Affordable and spacious 882 sq. ft. modern day modular home luxuria.

Get answers

See some of our most commonly asked questions. Can't see what you are looking for? Contact us, and our team of experts will be ready to answer any questions you may have.

How big is your Container Lodge?
The Container Lodge is 680 sq. ft.
How many bedrooms and bathrooms does the Container Lodge have?
2 bedrooms and either 1 or 2 bathrooms.
What is the cost of the Container Lodge?
Starting at $216,000.00. Call today to discuss your budget options.
What code do you build the Container Lodge to?
It will be built to code CSA A277.
What is the lead time to build the Container Lodge?
It takes 18 weeks from start to finish.
Will my structure be built to code with permits?
When required our tradesmen have the experience to ensure your structure has the necessary permits and meets all necessary code requirements. If you’re not sure which building codes are needed for your project our team can help.
Do you offer any warranty/guarantees?
New containers have been shipped across the sea once and are subject to some minor wear and tear from the trip. However, all new containers are in good condition and cargo-worthy. Our standard used stock comes guaranteed with no leaks, operable doors, and a good floor with no holes. Our guarantee does not apply to used containers sold “as is”.
Are shipping containers water tight?
Yes, our containers are water, air, and light tight.
Do you offer delivery?
Yes, we make it easy to transport your structure wherever you need it. Our container delivery services are reliable and affordable so you have one less thing to worry about.
How much does shipping cost? How does it work?
Shipping costs vary based on location but generally you can expect shipping to mains hubs to be under $150 for Western Canada locations and under $300 to Eastern Canada – higher prices can be expected for remote locations. You can contact our in-house shipping team for an instant custom quote based on your specific order size and location. Our mobile washroom units can be shipped within 1-2 business days depending on stock availability. Our units are wrapped and skidded to ensure no damage during transport. For any other questions you can call our shipping team at (844) 762-5269 or send us an email.