Container Lodge layout provides the perfect amount of space with a building footprint of 16’ x 40’ ft with 2 additional extrusions - 680 Sq Ft in total. This model is built out of 2 shipping containers!


Fully customizable kitchen

Custom kitchen with choice of cabinet colours, counter tops including butcher block option, and backsplash.

No foundation necessary

The Container Lodge is shipped in two sections. Final installation can be done at the site by a general contractor or Rockbox crew. We recommend a foundation of screw piles or concrete piles.

Complete bathroom set

Full bathroom with porcelain toilet, full sized bath, and sleek bathroom vanity with mirror.

Insulated walls, and flush LED lighting

Insulated interior and exterior walls with high R-value spray foam.  Interior walls are drywall, and there is flush LED lighting throughout the build.

Generous living space

Generous living space with an open concept front side. Both bedrooms feature sliding patio doors, plus a French door in the middle for great views.

Here's who loves the Container Lodge

This model is popular among lake lot owners, farms, first time home buyers, downsizers, and for recreational use. This is a winterized year-round dwelling.

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How big is your Container Lodge?
The Container Lodge is 680 sq. ft.
How many bedrooms and bathrooms does the Container Lodge have?
2 bedrooms and either 1 or 2 bathrooms.
What is the cost of the Container Lodge?
The Container Lodge starts at $202,000. Call today to discuss your budget options.
What code do you build the Container Lodge to?
It will be built to code CSA A277.
What is the lead time to build the Container Lodge?
It takes 18 weeks from start to finish.