This gorgeous modular home has a building footprint of 21’ x 28’ ft, 588 sq. ft. with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. This building has a vaulted ceiling making the inside feel very spacious


Open concept living

Enjoy generous living space with vaulted hardwood ceilings and an open concept layout.

Premium hardware and interior

The studio features stunning cabinetry w/ black hardware, premium wood countertops and ceramic tile backsplash.

Versatile and easy to ship

We can ship this home to farther destinations in one truckload and is built in two sections with installation done on site by a general contractor or the Rockbox crew. We recommend a screw pile foundation.

Ready for year-round living

The Sunset Studio is kitted with flush ceiling spotlights and highly thermally insulated exterior walls prep your unit for Canadian winters.

Full bathroom

Spacious bathroom with a porcelain toilet w/ standing shower and a full vanity.

Here's who loves the Sunset Studio

The Sunset Studio is popular among lake lot owners. It can be used as an accessory dwelling, for off-grid living, office space, recreational use or as a year-round property.

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What is the lead time to build a Sunset Studio?
It takes 16 weeks from start to finish.
What code do you build the Sunset Studio to?
It will be built to code CSA A277.
What is the cost of the Sunset Studio?
The Sunset Studio starts at 160,000. Call today to discuss your budget options.
How many bedrooms and bathrooms does the Sunset Studio have?
1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.
How big is your Sunset Studio?
The Sunset Studio is 588 sq/ft. The footprint, or dimensions are 21’ x 28’.