This haunted house is one of Edmonton’s largest Halloween attractions and so many people attend that Deadmonton makes sure to have some attractions outside of the actual haunted house while customers wait to enter. This includes monsters, photo booths, and most importantly: somewhere to buy your beer and tickets.


What we did: We used a 40' shipping container and modified it to have concession style openings for liquor service. We added on some steps at the back and turned the container into a fully functioning rooftop bar for patrons to enjoy. We also modified a 20' shipping container specially outfitted for ticket sales with windows, electricity, heating, and space for point of sale equipment.


The final result: The rooftop bar went off without a hitch and allowed patrons to grab some drinks to take some of the edge off before heading into the haunted house! Overall, both the client and the patrons were satisfied with the way that the rooftop bar and ticketing booth went.

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