The client didn't have enough space to park their forklift inside their current shop and when parked outside in the cold temperatures, they would have issues starting itthe next day. They needed to add a heated storage facility along with a workshop in a short period of time-- and that's where Rockbox Structures was able to assist them.


From our initial meeting we presented the idea of custom manufacturing 2x20 ft Highcube Containers with extra height and having them converted to a true double open wide shop expansion where Imperial Oil can have more working space and a heated storage placed right beside their current manufacturing facility. We were able to do this in a quick and timely manner, impressing the client with our efficiency. This custom engineered double wide expansion shop was built to code and delivered/setup on the client's site on time and on budget.


It can be used in the coldest winter temperatures as it is fully heated and also has A/C installed for the hot summer days. Please reach out to for more information.

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