Kicking Horse Mountain Resort needed a reliable professional & eye appealing washroom solution that can be used all 4 seasons right in their main parking lot prior to going up the mountain. They would have upwards of thousands of snowboarders/skiers that pass this particular location and needed a washroom solution with a quick turnaround time.


Rockbox was able to custom manufacture a 2 Stall All-Season Washroom which included an additional custom storage unit with a Mop Bucket to be installed along with hot/cold water to make it easier for their custodial staff to keep all their supplies in the same unit. We were also able to add 3 Uni-sex Heated Washroom Stalls with an Alluring Blue Exterior Finish which blends in beautifully with the Rocky Mountains during the summer and winter months.


Patrons at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort have an easy to access washroom solution, right in the parking lot. We're happy to partner with another successful ski resort to keep your skiing and snowboarding experience top notch!

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