Pacific Atlantic Pipeline Construction wanted all of their tools in a modular, regulated environment, so they came to Rockbox in hopes to get that!


What we did: We used six different 40-foot containers as wing units off of a single container in the middle to create storage space. At the back, we added a 10-foot container and modified it to become an office.In total, we provided the client with:

  • 2,200 square feet of storage and a workspace that’s fully modular
  • LED-lights throughout
  • A temperature-controlled system
  • 600 square feet of shelving
  • Equipped with electrical connections throughout the entire building

This whole structure can be moved and relocated in under an hour!


The client now has a singular space to store their tools so that they always know exactly where everything is and don’t have to scramble around the job site looking for what they need. They also now have a spot to do office work while at the site so that they don’t have to spend their time driving back and forth. Overall, we created an awesome modular work and storage space and left with a happy client!

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