Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, providing space for warming up, eating, and using the washroom at ski resorts became a unique challenge. Whitewater Ski Resort required extended space to meet new capacity regulations and COVID restrictions.


Whitewater purchased several seacans from Rockbox Structures to adapt to the new changes of the 2020/21 Winter Season. Two of the seacans became food and beverage facilities -- the Smoke 'N Bowl ad the Taco Tin. Customers were able to quickly purchase food and take the time to warm up from their day on the mountain and Whitewater was able to create more space and capacity for guests in a short period of time.


Whitewater received tons of positive feedback from our guests who loved these new services and they made it easy and convenient to add additional offerings for guests outside of the day lodge. From the client: "We are excited to continuing using the seacans that we purchased in future seasons as well!"

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