Are you hunting for new office space for 2021? Don’t cross a container office off your list. If you’re struggling to bridge that gap between small coworking space and overpaying for a large permanent office you don’t need, a container office may be the perfect solution for you.

Do you need the ability to be mobile? Maybe the location of your operation moves with your projects, from city to jobsite or even between provinces. If you need to expand operations, it’s easy to add new modular pieces on to your original. We can even create modular hallways!

Are you tired of looking at tired spaces that just don’t suit your business or needs? When you design your container office with us, your wish is our command. We can outfit it exactly how you imagined it, with the coffee station just so and the floor the colour of your dreams. Interior framing and insulation and the ability to connect to heat, water and power makes your container office a four-season operation, even in the coldest Edmonton winter. We can even outfit washrooms and bedrooms for remote site comfort.

Container offices are surprisingly spacious, if you need them to be. We can incorporate private offices within the space, or build you an open concept work area for collaboration. Our floorplans are customizable and our expert team can help you use your space efficiently. Worried about feeling like you’re stuck in a box? Not with our skylight additions. You’ll feel better than you would in a traditional, windowless office!

If you need one in a jiffy or maybe as a temporary solution while your permanent office is created, we have ready-to-work containers available with a quick turnaround time. 

Our expert team will ensure that your office container has the permits you need and meets all building code requirements — if you’re not sure about the specs for your custom project, we can help with that, too.

So before you bite the bullet on a high rent bill or a costly renovation, come see us! We’d be happy to chat about your specific needs and find you the perfect solution.