This 14' trailer combines two of our Go Box washroom units with a garbage disposal, all rolling on wheels for easy transport to any job site.


Adjustable Step

This combination washroom and garbage bin trailer unit features folding perforated steps for easy access and quick and simple storage during transport. Avoid injuries and ensure everyone on the job site can access your washrooms with our Combo Unit!

Easy Access to the Garbage Bin

Having a mobile garbage bin is a great way to save time and money on the job site. You no longer have to coordinate, order, pick up and drop off your garbage bins! Just hook up the trailer and you're good to go.

All-Season Washrooms

Our Go-Box washroom units are designed to work in all weather and be comfortable for your crew with heating and optional air conditioning included. Plus, our finishes are top notch and include a sky light for a little extra visibility.

Exterior Lighting

We've included exterior lighting on these units to ensure you can safely use the washroom and the garbage bin in the late hours or the winter months when sunlight is scarce.

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