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Modified Shipping Containers

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Shipping containers are a blank canvas to create modern functional structures that can meet a variety of commercial and residential requirements. The designers and engineers at Rockbox Structures have extensive experience building specialized modular containers to suit our client’s specific needs including sea can storage, sea can offices, and shipping containers for events.

Choose from ready-made units to deliver an immediate solution for your structural requirements, or tell us your unique vision and we’ll bring it to life.

Modified Shipping Container FAQ

We’ve provided the answers to some common questions about our modified shipping containers. Don’t see your question? No problem, just give us a call or request a callback!

Do You Offer Delivery?2020-01-27T20:34:18+00:00

Yes we make it easy to transport your structure wherever you need it. Our container delivery services are reliable and affordable so you have one less thing to worry about.

Can You Build Structures Wider Or Taller Than A Standard Container?2020-01-27T18:21:55+00:00

We love doing custom shipping container projects with outside-the-box design requirements. Tell us what you need and we’ll find a way to make it work!

Can You Build My Design Idea?2020-01-27T18:11:39+00:00

Absolutely, there’s very little we can’t do with a shipping container! Show us your design idea and our engineers/designers will bring your project to life.

Will Our Structure Be Built To Code With Permits?2020-01-27T19:09:51+00:00

When required our tradesmen have the experience to ensure your structure has the necessary permits and meets all necessary code requirements. If you’re not sure which building codes are needed for your project our team can help.

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