40′ Shipping Containers For Sale

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The 40 foot shipping container is a crowd favourite. When you need the right container to get the job done – this is probably it. At Rockbox Structures you can find the 40′ container in a variety of options including new, used, open-top, high cube,  and double-door. Tell us about your project and we’ll make sure you get the perfect container for your needs.

40' Shipping Container For Sale | Rockbox Structures


  • Weather-Proof

  • Lockable Double Doors

  • 14 Gauge Corrugated Steel Panelling

  • Marine-Grade Flooring

  • Portable Via Forklift

Standard Specifications

  • Volume 2385 Cubic Ft

  • Empty Weight 8,380 Lbs

  • Internal Dimensions 39′ 5.5″ L / 7′ 8.5″ W / 7′ 9.75″ H

  • External Dimensions 40′ L / 8′ W / 8′ 6″ H

  • Max Gross Weight 66,139 Lbs

Sea-Can Innovators

There’s nothing we can’t do with a shipping container. Get a custom quote for any of your office or storage needs.