What do we love more than shipping containers? Shipping containers and tacos. Shipping containers and burgers. Shipping containers and coffee. Here are some of the coolest (in our opinion) fast food joints that got creative with their builds, incorporating shipping containers into their stores! Read more and let us know which is your personal favourite.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell has been one of the early adopters of container stores. The first photo below is their first, opened in 2017 in Los Angeles, CA. The combination of container sizes and shapes makes for a cool patio area and stands out from the crowd. The second photo is a more sophisticated take on integrating containers into a build, with mixed elements of traditional construction design. Which do you like better?


Sir, this is a Wendy’s — and a pretty cool one at that! Made almost entirely from shipping containers, this build boasts a modern take on Wendy’s classic branding. The drive-thru takes you under one of the iconic containers and the location includes both indoor and outdoor seating. Would you hit this drive-thru?


This one might be one of our favourites — as the World Trade Center Freedom Tower was built in New York City in 2010, it wasn’t feasible for contractors to make it all the way down and back up in one lunch break. The solution? Nine shipping containers hoisted alongside the tower as it was constructed, serving the same Subway sandwiches you can find on street level. How cool is this?


Did you know that Starbucks has more than 40 shipping container stores? This all-white beauty was built and designed in Japan using 29 shipping containers for an angular, two-storey location complete with drive-thru. We wish this was on our morning coffee route!

Wendy's Shipping Container
Subway Shipping Container
Taco Bell